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BE INSPIRED : “You need to hear from someone who’s walked the path, to tell you about the path.” Talk2Dot To join session, fill in form below.
You Are Not Alone (YANA) supports African and Caribbean women by delivering peer support and engagement to help with tackling social isolation, food poverty, hygiene poverty and mental wellness in a safe online space in London, Greater London and Kent.

Join us at 8pm GMT , 17th August 2023 in an empowering and inspiring session with Ije McDougall . Ije is is an award-winning speaker, author, magistrate, and HR expert who moved from Nigeria to the UK and overcame challenges as an immigrant woman to find success. She leverages her unique background and BBC training to engage diverse audiences on topics like racial equality, extremism, identity, and workplace issues. Ije founded a charity supporting victims of insurgency in Nigeria and was nominated for a national diversity award. She draws on her personal experiences battling self-doubt and excelling despite the odds. Ije uses her speaking platforms to advocate for minority groups in the UK and challenge injustice. She has published a book for mothers and has an upcoming personal workbook.

International Women’s Day 2023 : #EmbraceEquity

Tesco Community Funds : Vote 4 us / Closes 31st March 2023

We (YOU ARE NOT ALONE) are in the customer vote for a Tesco Community Grant. It’s a scheme which gives community projects like us grants of up to £1,500.

YANA will be Tackling food poverty within the African and Carribean communities by providing culturally appropriate food for Single mothers facing Domestic violence.


Tesco customers can now vote until 31st March 2023 to decide how much funding we get, so please support us next time you shop at Tesco!
participating stores: #community

➡️Ashford C/Foot Extra TN24 0YE Extra
➡️Ashford Prk Frm Extra TN23 3LU  Extra
➡️Mace Lane Ashford Exp TN24 8DN  Express
➡️Ashford Eureka Exp  TN25 4BY Express
➡️Dymchurch Express TN29 0NG  Express
➡️Ashford High St Exp TN24 8SW Express

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